Liquified Creative knows advertising, and we know digital – and we’re here to help your brand win. Programmatic technologies have fundamentally changed the way the media business works. We know your brand deserves the best, which is why we take an approach that is data-driven, fast, fluid, and outcome-obsessed.

What is programmatic marketing, though? It’s how we’re able to to show an ad to a specific customer, in a specific context. We customize your audience to local or national needs and deliver your ads efficiently and effectively to drive higher ROI.

Weather is mobile, video, display, native, or social advertising, we have the ability to customize your campaign to which format best targets your needs. Not only that, but our designers also come up with the kind of creative for you campaign that turns heads.

The fun doesn’t stop there. We can target your audience based on geo-fencing, keywords, IP target, and so much more.

Let’s revolutionize how your brand connects with it’s audience.

“Globally, the value of Programmatic Advertising will rise from US$57.5bn in 2017 to US$84.9bn in 2019, growing at an average rate of 21% a year.” Zenith Programmatic Marketing Forecasts.