Constructing a New Brand

Team Cam is a commercial construction company specializing in asphalt paving, concrete, and commercial construction maintenance. Serving the Baltimore-D.C. Metro area, this fast-growing company offers a comprehensive list of services. For years, they have worked diligently to build a reputation as a dependable commercial construction company based on the following five core principles: trust, reliability, safety, experience, and infrastructure.


To redefine their existing brand in a way that visually displays professionalism, reliability, safety, infrastructure, and experience. Once the rebrand was complete, a complete redesign of the website would be necessary to ensure that the company’s front-facing presence online was adequately reflecting their new branding.


Construction has long been respected and admired throughout history. There may be no better example than the pyramids. Strength, reliability, and design that lasts the test of time. In the color scheme, objects synonymous with the industry were used as guidance – for example, construction cones and safety vests were represented with a vibrant orange. In order to soften the design, a gradient of light to dark grey was utilized to relate to the concrete and asphalt work Team Cam prides itself on.

The website was redesigned with the goal of orienting Team Cam’s three main profit areas front and center to increase the focus on new traffic arriving on the homepage. Immediate contact options are available both in the utility navigation as well as above the footer for vendors to either submit contractor applications or estimate requests. The new website allowed for simple, customizable landing pages for new digital and traditional advertising campaigns to focus on seasonal deliverables, ultimately bearing very successful results.