Actionable Results

Real Time Medical Systems is the industry-leading Interventional Analytics solution that turns data into actionable insights. Serving healthcare organizations nationwide, Real Time improves clinical performance by reducing avoidable hospital readmissions, managing care coordination efforts, and detecting early warning signs of infectious disease.


Real Time Medical Systems was looking to update their website as their existing site provided limited flexibility in layouts and design. As Real Time was growing, evolving, and adapting their brand to a more modern look and feel, they needed their online presence to match, starting with their website.

As Liquified began the website design and development process, our team found that the existing user experience and intentional user journey was a challenge that needed to be addressed throughout this project as well.


To address the challenges presented, Liquified Creative started by refreshing the branding and visual appearance of the website during the design phase of the project. Simultaneously, an improved site map and structure served to address the UX/UI challenges that existed on the old site. Our team then added additional features such as an events module. Overall, the strategies implemented during this project addressed presented challenges and goals, while going an additional step to address marketing tools such as landing pages, which resulted in improved user engagement. Liquified Creative was successfully able to create an up-to-date and branded platform aimed at providing industry-related content and statistical information.