AeroVanti Air Club

AeroVanti Air Club is a membership-based private air charter service that is disrupting the market by exceeding the standard of what competitors are offering, at just 50% of the cost.

Recent Project Awards

2021 Davey Award – Silver – AeroVanti Vision Book – Corporate Identity – Design & Print Collateral for Design & Print
2022 Hermes Award– Gold – AeroVanti Airlines Holiday Humanitarian Mission – Media Relations


Develop an impactful brand identity and support brand launch efforts across various mediums, including designing and developing a website. Looking to utilize high-level public relations efforts to reach the target audience via event-based sponsorships, social media marketing, and brand coverage throughout targeted media outlets.


We developed a brand identity based on initial client direction, competitive market analysis, and an in-depth discovery process that was unique amongst the competition within their current market. We utilized tangible brand activation to support efforts surrounding the initial launch, including a custom crafted welcome box for new members along with a vision book printed with quality custom finishes.


AeroVanti has seen exponential growth within its market, and our team has been able to provide continued support as the company now focuses on optimizing membership services, protocols, and operations. Liquified Creative supports AeroVanti on an ongoing basis in the areas of branding and design, public relations, social media marketing, media buying and planning services, and strategic consulting, among others. Our team has also since developed a mobile app for AeroVanti members to schedule flight requests as well as estimate flight times and costs.