Sammi Laite

Education/Background: BFA in Graphic Design from The University of Tampa

Where are you from? I was born in Boston Massachusetts but moved to Severna Park, Maryland (right outside of Annapolis) when I was three.

Random Fact About Yourself: I make abstract paintings with encaustic wax, which is a bees wax.

Favorite Quote: “What should drive you is not knowing how to do something”.

What is your spirit animal? Hard to decide between an elephant – we both can not jump, and a giraffe – who is long, lanky and has no vocal chords( I can’t sing).

Desert Island Movie: The Fifth Element

Unofficial Background: While attending school in Tampa I fell in love with typography, color, and form. After I graduated I spent the summer in Florence, Italy studying Visual Design. I then returned to Annapolis to join the Liquified Creative team and be around family again.