Caitlin Wiggins

Education/Background: The Catholic University of America/ BA in Media Studies/ MS in Business Analysis

Where are you from? I was born in Silver Spring, Maryland (outside of Washington, DC). Later I moved to Annapolis around age 10.

Random Fact About Yourself: My love for video production started when my friends and I (age 10) took command of my family’s video camera and made our own scary movies. Of course we also forced our parents to critique them.

Favorite Quote: “Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.” –Erol Ozan

What is your spirit animal? Dog. I don’t care which kind.

Desert Island Movie: Garden State

Unofficial Background: I finished Grad School in DC in 2015 and decided to live and work there for a little bit. Once I had enough of living in the city, I decided to change my job and my address and move back to Annapolis. I’ve worked in this “industry” for about 4 years now and love (almost) every second of it. Especially all the seconds I’ve been working at Liquified. Besides work, from living in Annapolis for the majority of my life so far, I love all things water. Boating, crabbing, swimming and a general cliché Annapolis lifestyle. Not a huge fan of Winter. Avid dog lover.