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Web Design + Development


​It’s important to capture your audience’s attention within the first 3 seconds of a visit. Those first few seconds are a critical turning point between the success and failure of your site. That’s why our main goal is to draw your visitor’s attention in order to get the results you seek. Equally important — every visitor should be able to find the exact content on a website within 3 clicks.

A successful website is more than just another pretty face on the web – it engages your visitors and gives them a reason to come back. Content management systems (CMS) allow for even novices to have the ability to publish content with ease, so you can focus on what’s important. We design and develop our websites with our clients’ current and future needs in mind.

Liquified Creative offers the experience and design know-how to meet your online goals.


Content Management Systems + Management
Responsive Design
Mobile Website Development
User Experience & Development
Custom Web Design & Development
Web Hosting & Management
Website Content Development
Video (Scripting, Managing, Production & Post-Editing)
Kiosk User Interface Design
Online Web Demos
Search Engine Optimization + PPC Management

Web Design + Development Articles

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    A camel is a horse designed by committee A client arranges a meeting between three core representatives and a creative agency and explains in great detail that they’d like a horse for their company. [The creative agency has produced beautiful horses in the past and are very skilled at developing the right type of … Continue reading
  • Responsive Logo Design

    There’s no doubt today’s logos have to work harder than they used to—in the past, a logo was simply intended for shop signs and newspaper ads. With the advent and growing popularity of responsive web design, however, modern logos now have to work on a vast  number of screen sizes … Continue reading