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Different by Design

Our Mantra: Brands are living and breathing entities that need to be constantly energized with messages that are both consistent and memorable. But, just being pretty or flashy or creative won’t cut it. What you say—and, more importantly— how you say it needs to resonate with the market you are trying to reach.

We started making waves back in 2007. Since then, we have offered strategic graphic design, creative web design and development and creative support from our Annapolis, MD location to a number of top advertising agencies, design firms, marketing firms, mid-size and enterprise level companies throughout Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.

Latest News + Articles

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  • How to Begin Building a Brand

    Despite what you may have heard, branding is much more than a logo, website or business card. Your brand is your corporate personality that defines the way you communicate to your customers and your customer’s perception of your company. So what are the first steps to building a strong brand? … Continue reading
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