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Liquified Creative is a "Big Picture" Creative Marketing Agency, delivering:

Brand Development

Market analysis and touch points research provide a branding platform to deliver creative storytelling, and a clear strategy to elevate your company's service or product.


Focused marketing + media + social plans leverage market exposure which, combined with traditional and digital tactics, harpoons your market and engages them where they swim.

SEO + Analytics

Hook, line and sinker - increase your catch with the right bait. Analytics not only identify where your audience swim, but also where they eat, sleep and shop. Metrics quantify your budget spend and effectiveness - like shooting fish in a barrel.

Creative Services

Visual branding and appeal designed to attract the most colorful of fish. Creative design, coupled with strategic visual cohesion, spears the most complex of markets right between the eyes. Our experienced crew delivers everything — traditional to digital — all while keeping your brand on a steady course.

Web Design + Development

Casting a wider net for your brand means attracting, engaging, and converting your market into opportunities. Bring your brand to the masses by maximizing your digital footprint and exposure online.

Social Media Management

Conversations build trust. Engaging your audience on a continual basis builds trust in your brand, increases market awareness, and fortifies vast schools of client-enforced advocacy in your market place — transforming little fish into big fish.

Showcasing on All Devices & Mediums

We deploy all sites utilizing responsive coding — providing an opportunity for your audience to view your site on both desktop and mobile devices without getting lost at sea.

Looking for a custom solution for your branded website? Our team works integrates the best of both worlds daily, transforming custom designs that engage your market on every platform.

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Marketing isn't just one thing. It's everything.
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Increase your market awareness through strategic planning, budgeting, cultivation and digital implementation.


Increase your market awareness through strategic planning, budgeting, cultivation and digital implementation.

Analysis and research provides a clear strategy that elevates your company


Analysis and research provides a clear strategy that elevates your company's service or product to the next level.

Expand your brand


Expand your brand's digital footprint through planning, strategy and implementation of digital assets.

Lead the conversation through social engagement and increase audience advocacy with your brand.


Lead the conversation through social engagement and increase audience advocacy with your brand.


Shawn Noratel
Shawn Noratel Creative Director + Partner
As Partner and Creative Director of Liquified Creative, Shawn Noratel brings creative insight and working knowledge on every project. In addition, he also brings the business experience that both drives firm and also our clients marketing strategies. His philosophy of “living and breathing brands” has allowed Liquified Creative to integrate and elevate brands across multiple mediums and social environments.
John Corsaut
John Corsaut Marketing Director + Partner
A seasoned marketing integration specialist with over 30 successful years of marketing experience. John brings brand messaging to life in both print and online. He currently specializes in website development (including eCommerce) - integrating techniques that optimize ranking and conversion opportunities through search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per–click (PPC - textural and display), and social network marketing (SNM).
Jessica Noratel
Jessica Noratel Chief Financial Officer + Partner
Jessica Noratel is the most organized person on the planet. Who else could manage Liquified Creative's day-to-day operations, handle all accounts receivable and payable, and make sure everyone has exactly what they need when they need it, all before lunch?
Jamie Czajkowski
Jamie Czajkowski Assistant Marketing Director
Jamie lives and breathes Marketing. Assisting with strategic SEO, SEM, SNM, and dynamic e-blasts, he certainly helps keep the ship afloat! He has a background in Marketing Communications and Strategy with giants such as Coca-Cola and Vocus (now Cision).
Meghan Mercer
Meghan Mercer Social Media Strategist
Meghan is our Social Media Strategist who enjoys conversing online and offline. While most of Meghan’s time is anchored in developing social media strategies she also dabbles in creating unique content. Between blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Meghan spends a lot of time searching for the latest trends, hashtags, and innovative ways to market through social media.
Karyn Insler
Karyn Insler Junior Graphic Designer
Karyn is our Junior Designer and spearheads a number of branding/design initiatives for print and web with steadfast attention to detail. She is a strong advocate for clean, professional design. In her eyes, design is not about point-and-click, but about beauty, clarity, and function.
Joe Manson
Joe Manson Senior Web Developer
Joe is an avid problem solver and fun haver. Coming from a background of Physics and Art Studio he has a unique perspective on delivering complete website builds that consider every aspect of the user experience. Constantly pushing the team to consider other possibilities and think outside the box, Joe has enhanced Liquified Creative’s processes and provides an encouraging persona to the crew.


Anne Arundel Medical Center Foundation
Annapolis Boat Shows
Watermark Journey
Quantum Sail Design Group
Light Management Technologies
Giant Food
National Capital BBQ Battle
Digital Golf Pass
Five Star Physician Services
Mid America Health
School Smiles
New Day Vitality
Novo Properties
RJ Waters
Safeway - BBQ Battle
Famous Daves
Anne Arundel Broadband
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